In Conclusion

Thursday, March 26, 2020

With this post, our SwapStop adventure draws to a close - and as with most adventures, the close is bittersweet. Against long odds, we accomplished our goal and built something incredible. It was a real challenge, requiring real effort, and countless engineering problems to solve along the way. The long hours and sleepless nights validated by the end result: SwapStop, in all its working glory. Here's a video chronicling what it was and how it worked:

Video of the final SwapStop prototype.

Unfortunately, the prototype never got its day in the limelight. Our Fourth Year Design Project Symposium was regrettably cancelled in light of COVID-19 and increased isolation measures that prevented all but the most essential large gatherings in Canada. We were able to transport the prototype to campus to make use of the lighting and space to record a proper video, but there was no audience or fanfare.

The SwapStop team, plus prototype and display materials. The SwapStop team, plus prototype and display materials.

Still, it would be a mistake to allow this admittedly disappointing ending to overshadow what was accomplished here, and how well the prototype worked. We would like to recognize our sponsors for their generous discounts and in-kind donations which put this project within the capabilities of four undergraduate university students - thank you. We would also like to thank our academic advisors and the Department of Mechatronics Engineering for their advice and counsel. As adventures go, this one was pretty great.

So long, then, and thanks for all the fish.

– The SwapStop Team