Left to Right: Will Clark, Will Thibault, Geoff Spielman, Tom Meredith.

Tom Meredith

This is a portrait of Tom Meredith Mechatronics Engineering, Class of 2020

Tom Meredith is passionate about developing software for intelligent and autonomous robotics. Through internships in the fields of rehabilitation robotics, autonomous vehicles, and space sensors, Tom has gained extensive experience across the full robotic software stack. This includes autonomous robotic control, mapping, advanced control systems, and firmware and algorithm optimization for embedded systems.

For SwapStop, Tom is leading the development of the autonomous drone-landing algorithms used to guide drones onto the landing pad, as well as contributing to electrical, firmware, and high level software development throughout the system. Tom's hobbies include sports, tinkering with electronics, binging Netflix, and complaining about Python.

Will Clark

This is a portrait of Will Clark Mechatronics Engineering, Class of 2020

British by origin, Will moved to Canada in 2009 and began studying Mechatronics at the University of Waterloo in 2015, in pursuit of his grade school interest in robotics. There, he soon discovered his passion for software development, and has aspired to become a professional engineer in the field ever since. During his time at Waterloo, he has worked as a software development intern at companies such as Thalmic Labs, Splunk, and Stripe - the last of which he has accepted an offer to return to full time later in 2020.

Will enjoys telemark skiing, hiking, and producing brickfilms and CGI animations. As well as serving as the project's informal media director, he is in charge of high level software control, battery and power supply management, and is subsystem lead for Flyn, the project's battery handling and management subsystem. His friends remark that the fastest way to get on his good side is via topical references and a dry sense of humor - and the best way to stay on his good side is not to mess too badly with his git repo history. Please?

Geoff Spielman

This is a portrait of Geoff Spielman Mechatronics Engineering, Class of 2020

Geoff Spielman is the mechanical designer for the project. He brings four co-op terms of mechanical automation design experience to the team and is a certified SolidWorks professional (CSWP). Geoff was also a member of the Waterloo robotics team for three years, serving as the mechanical sub-team lead for a year. From his background in robotics and automation, Geoff has become familiar with many local automation/robotics vendors which has been a great asset for sourcing parts and securing sponsorship deals.

When he’s not working on the CAD for the project, you can find Geoff in the machine shop creating parts we need or assembling the system in our living room. Geoff is also experienced with 3D printers (he spent a co-op term managing the 3D printers at a tech start-up and does a lot of 3D printing as a hobby) which helps us rapidly prototype challenging parts in the system.

Will Thibault

This is a portrait of Will Thibault Mechatronics Engineering, Class of 2020

Will Thibault is contributing to multiple areas of the project, from mechanical to electrical to software. He has a diverse engineering experience through CAD engineering, controls systems design and RF engineering co-op terms. Through his experiences he has learned about mechanical design, motor control, power systems, and embedded systems.

This experience has helped design the electrical system of the project, the mechanical design of the landing pad and the control software for the stepper motors used in the platform’s belt drive. Through past machining experience from the Waterloo Robotics Team, he is also machining parts to build the landing pad and the drone’s electromagnetic locking mechanism.